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Congressman Himes meets with cardiologists at Bridgeport Hospital

Fourth District Congressman Jim Himes visited Bridgeport Hospital on Aug. 9, meeting with President and CEO Bill Jennings and a group of cardiologists to discuss health care financing and quality issues. The visit was arranged by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and hosted by Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology Gilead Lancaster, MD, the current ACC Connecticut Chapter President.

Rep. Himes, Bill Jennings and Dr. Lancaster
Rep. Himes, Bill Jennings and Dr. Lancaster

“Even with the passage of sweeping health care reform in 2009, our national dialogue on how we can improve efficiencies in our healthcare system and ensure affordable care for every American continues,” said Himes. “During my trip to Bridgeport Hospital, I learned a lot about the challenges cardiologists face every day in their efforts to provide modernized, high-quality, and affordable health care services to their patients in the Fourth District and neighboring towns.”

Rep. Himes toured the Cardiac Catheterization Suite, Cardiac Telemetry Unit and Echocardiography/EKG areas with Dr. Lancaster and Chief of Cardiology Stuart Zarich, MD, and greeted staff members along the way. The hospital visit and others like it around the state and nation are designed to give legislators insight into challenges facing cardiologists amid the changes being brought about by health care reform and the difficult economy.

“We are grateful that Congressman Himes took the time to visit our hospital and listen to our concerns,” Dr. Lancaster said. “He has a good grasp of the issues and we look forward to working together to make health care financing and delivery fair for patients and providers.”

“It is gratifying to have an open dialogue with Congressman Himes about the issues,” added Jennings. “Health care reform is still evolving. Working together, we can address the remaining challenges and keep high-quality, affordable health care a top national priority.”

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