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Oxford resident’s care for post-traumatic arthritis discussed in Bridgeport Hospital newsletter

John Bogart of Oxford lived with pain in his left foot for nearly 20 years following a 1991 motorcycle accident. Today, thanks to the help of the orthopedic surgery team at Bridgeport Hospital, he can play golf, kick a soccer ball around with his wife and children and coach wrestling—pain free.

The story of Bogart’s successful treatment is told in the Summer 2011 issue of Healthy & Wise, Bridgeport Hospital’s community health newsletter. To request a free copy, call 1-800-794-5013. The newsletter is also available from the home page of this website, under “Publications.”

When medication was no longer enough to cope with the pain from his accident, Bogart, 42, president of an electrical equipment manufacturing company, took the advice of a friend and sought help from Bridgeport Hospital orthopedic surgeon William Cimino, MD. Bogart was diagnosed with post-traumatic arthritis, which can occur months or years after a joint fracture or ligament damage.

“When a joint wears out, the cartilage between the bones disintegrates,” says Dr. Cimino. “Bone rubbing again bone causes a great deal of pain.”

Dr. Cimino recommended that Bogart undergo a procedure to fuse the two main bones in his ankle with special surgical screws. Bogart’s surgery took place in Bridgeport Hospital’s SurgEase ambulatory surgery center and he went home the same day. He practiced getting around with crutches and continued to receive attention from the Bridgeport Hospital team.

“They called me that evening and the next day to see how I was doing,” Bogart says.

A week later, Bogart was back at work and within a few months he was jogging and playing golf. Not only could he move around again without pain, but the benefits of exercise helped reduce his weight and blood pressure.

“This surgery completely changed my life,” says Bogart. “My overall health has improved—and I have my life back.”

The new issue of Healthy & Wise also includes information about Bridgeport Hospital’s Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine, Center for Sleep Medicine and Alhbin Rehabilitation Centers’ treatments for foot drop. In addition, the newsletter features an Ask the Expert column about peripheral arterial disease by vascular surgeon Brian King, MD.

Dr. King is one of the speakers at a free two-part lecture series about foot problems on Thursdays, Sept. 8 and 15, 7:00 p.m., at the Trumbull Marriott. To register for one or both parts of the series, call 1-888-357-2396.

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