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Bridgeport Hospital is first in Connecticut with wireless fetal monitors

Bridgeport Hospital is the first hospital in Connecticut to utilize new wireless fetal monitoring technology for full-term mothers. By allowing greater freedom of movement, the new monitors are more comfortable than the equipment used with traditional hard-wired bedside monitors, while still providing high quality imaging.

“The first mother to use the new device was continuously monitored for six-plus hours and didn’t want to give up the monitor for recharging,” says Labor and Delivery Unit Nurse Manager Karen Burrows.

The breakthrough system is simple to use, beltless and requires no wires to connect to a display or printer while monitoring the fetal heart rate and uterine activity. The system consists of a few sensors placed on the mother’s abdomen and a wireless modem that transmits data to the Labor & Delivery Unit nurses’ station.

“I am impressed with how receptive our patients are to this new system because of the newfound mobility they are experiencing,” says Chairman of Obstetrics & Gynecology Harold Sauer, MD. “Also, for some of our patients with a higher body-mass index who are more difficult to follow with a traditional monitor, this new monitor gives us much more accurate fetal data, so our patients’ levels of care and safety are improved.”

The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated maternity services available in Fairfield County, including board-certified perinatologists who specialize in high-risk pregnancies, an Antenatal Testing Unit to monitor fetal growth and development, a Special Care Maternity Unit for high-risk women who need to be hospitalized before their babies can be safely delivered, 24-hour in-house anesthesiology services and the county’s most experienced Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

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