Direct all aspects of the rehabilitation program. Physiatrists are board-certified physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, whose primary goal is restoring the body to optimal function.

Nurse Case Managers
Follow the clinical progress and the goals achieved with the therapy team. They discuss progress with insurance providers and review discharge needs for needed approval of coverage. They serve as advocates and act as an information resource.

Rehabilitation Nurses
Have special knowledge to improve existing abilities, promote health and prevent further impairments. They reinforce adaptive strategies, and teach about safe transfers, proper skin care and medications.

Physical Therapists
Work to strengthen the large muscles in the lower body and emphasize gait training and improved balance. They evaluate strength, endurance, coordination and range of motion in order to meet functional potential.

Occupational Therapists
Concentrate on upper-body strengthening. They ensure that the patient will be as independent as possible in daily living activities, which include bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming and eating. In addition, they may assess cognitive and perceptual skills.

Speech Therapists
Treat communication impairments, which may include difficulty in speaking, understanding, thinking, reasoning, memory, reading, writing or mathematics. They provide exercises to improve speech quality and memory. They assess your swallowing skills, and collaborate with dietitians regarding recommended diet and liquid consistencies to ensure safe swallowing.

Social Workers
Provide assistance to the patient and family with emotional, financial and family issues and coordination of family meetings. You will have an initial family meeting within 5-7 days of admission. Therapists and nurses discuss progress and work collaboratively with you and family members to establish long- and short-term goals. Prior to discharge, therapists may recommend special equipment that will be needed post-discharge; the social worker will order those items and set up aftercare plans.