General Information

Qualified applicants are admitted without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap or veteran status.

Guidance is available to candidates about admission requirements. Not all qualified candidates can be accepted.

Transfer of Credit Policy
Acceptance and placement of transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basis.  In addition to meeting the established admission criteria, space availability in the program is also considered. The student’s former school curriculum will be evaluated and compared to BHSN’s curriculum to determine possible placement in the program.

Non-nursing credits for required pre and co-requisite courses may be transferred into the program providing the grade is a “C” or higher. These grades may be transferred as earned credits and added to the QPA during the semester in which the course was required.  Transferred non-nursing courses can be taken at any accredited college (catalog reflects course numbers at Housatonic Community College based on the school’s affiliation) however, a course transferred from another college will be evaluated for equivalency to BHSN requirements.  The student may be asked to submit a course description and/or syllabus to evaluate equivalency of course content and objectives.  The Admissions Chairperson will present the course in question to the Admissions Committee for a final vote.  All transcripts submitted from other colleges must be official and imprinted with the college seal.

Pre-requisites: Chemistry and English Composition

These two (2) pre-requisites must be taken before entry into the program and official transcripts received at BHSN by August 15.

High School Chemistry with a lab or four (4) credits of College Chemistry with a lab is an admission requirement. The course must have been taken within seven (7) years of the program start date. Science courses taken entirely online are NOT acceptable; ONLY approved traditional classroom and hybrid courses meet the BHSN requirements.

A three (3) credit course in English Composition (ENG*101) is the curriculum requirement.

Applicants may be accepted pending receipt of acceptable grades/courses.


All science course (Chemistry, A & P I, A & P II, Microbiology) must be taken within seven (7) years of program start date. Science courses taken entirely online are NOT acceptable; ONLY approved traditional classroom and hybrid courses meet the BHSN requirements.

For non-science courses, traditional classroom, hybrid, CLEP and online courses are acceptable if course syllabus/description meets BHSN requirements.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Students may use the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examination process to fulfill BHSN’s course requirements except for the required biological sciences. Students should seek approval of the desired CLEP examination from the admissions committee chairperson or Admissions Specialist prior to registering for the CLEP. Examinations should be scheduled by the student and taken early enough so that, if unsuccessful, there is time to complete the required course(s) and receive official grade results in the appropriate semester. Students are responsible for submitting official CLEP transcripts to the registrar within the required sequencing of the curriculum plan. Failure to comply with the curriculum plan will prevent student progression in the program.