Associates Degree Program

The Associate in Science Degree Program is a collaborative effort between Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing and Housatonic Community College. It allows graduates of BHSN to receive an Associate in Science Degree in Nursing from Housatonic Community College. To be eligible for the degree, the student must be a graduate of BHSN, pass the licensure examination as an RN, complete an additional required 3 credit course (ENG*E102 Literature & Composition), have completed at least 16 of the total credit hours at Housatonic Community College and enroll in their nursing program.

Please visit Housatonic Community College’s site for more information.

Partial Evening Program

Many of our students have multiple responsibilities and often find it difficult to transition into nursing school when courses are offered only during the day. A partial evening program is offered for the first academic year. Only clinical and lab hours are offered evenings. Students in this program are required to move to the day division when Level II courses begin and throughout the remainder of the program.

Consideration for the partial evening program is contingent on space availability. Remember to specify your program preference, day or partial evening division, on your admission application.

Accelerated RN Program

An accelerated track of study is an option available to traditional students at the end of the first year for those students who wish to graduate one semester early. Students in this track continue nursing courses through the summer and graduate in December. The eligibility requirements for this program are:

  • Applications for this track are accepted during the Spring semester of the first year with eligibility/selection determined at that time.
  • Eligibility includes completion and receipt of official transcript(s) of all pre-requisite and co-requisite courses up to and including Microbiology.
  • Student placement in this track is limited.
  • LPNs entering the traditional program in late Spring will have the opportunity to submit an application.

LPN to RN Articulation Bridge Program

Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing’s LPN to RN Articulation Bridge Program is a three-credit course offered on-line through Charter Oak State College distance learning courses. This online Articulation Bridge course must be passed with a grade of "B-" or higher in order to progress into the BHSN LPN to RN Articulation Bridge program. The LPN* must first be accepted by Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing (BHSN) before enrolling in the online Articulation Bridge Course. Acceptance is dependent upon admission requirements and completion of first level non-nursing college courses.

In addition, the LPN will be required to take NU200, Transition for the LPN, a one credit course at BHSN offered in the spring semester that is specific to the objectives of our school and serves as a supplement to the on-line Bridge Course. Successful completion of the on-line Bridge Course, non-nursing Level I courses and NU200 allows the LPN to bypass all first year nursing courses at BHSN and enter into second level courses.

Click here for a printable information sheet on the LPN to RN Articulation Bridge Program

Applications are accepted July 1 through September 1 for admission in the Spring.


The BHSN graduate may take advantage of the Connecticut Articulation Model for Nurse Educational Mobility. This Model facilitates the transfer of nursing and non-nursing lower-division coursework to an upper-division nursing program in Connecticut. After acceptance to a BSN program, the BHSN graduate can transfer 30 credits in nursing and 30 credits of general education into an upper-division nursing program.