Professional Organizations
Professional organizations play a vital role in strengthening the nursing profession. BHSN is a chartered member of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). The Student Nurses' Association at Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing has won statewide awards for its community service and NSNA members are encouraged to attend the annual NSNA Convention. During the fall semester of the first year, all nursing students are required to complete an application for membership to the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). The Class Advisor will assist the students with the membership process through the School. The mission of the National Student Nurses' Association is to organize, represent and mentor student nurses and to promote professionalism and quality health care. As part of membership benefits, students will receive a subscription to Imprint, The Journal for Student Nurses.

Surgical Technology students are required to become members of the Association of Surgical Technologists, Inc. (AST). The AST plays a vital role in establishing consistent standards for education, training and practices related to Surgical Technology. As part of membership benefits, students receive reduced fees when applying for certification and receive a subscription to The Surgical Technologist. The Allied Health Program Coordinator will assist the class with the membership process.

Class Organizations
Each class will have elected representatives from Nursing and Allied Health programs. Students are encouraged to participate in their class organization to provide an avenue for expression of personal opinions. Through these organizations, various social and recreational activities are planned. As members of the NSNA, student nurses in each class will be elected by their peers to serve as the NSNA President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. After class officers are elected, a Class Advisor will meet with the officers to help them carry out their roles. The Class Advisor attends Student meetings and assists the class in various activities that provide personal and professional growth. The Program of Surgical Technology has an elected student representative that consults with the program faculty about class activities.

School Committees
Students are represented on the Student Council/Services Committee. The Student Council/Services Committee, which meets once each semester, provides a democratic forum of student functioning. All students are members and each class has representation on the committee (2 from each nursing class and one from each allied health program). Membership also includes class advisors, Nurse Manager of the Industrial Medical Center, Allied Health Program Coordinator, Associate Directors and School Administrators. Meetings provide opportunities for student participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of student services and curriculum.