Health Services
The Industrial Medical Center provides student's initial medical treatment for illness. This service is provided by a licensed Health Care Provider. Continued supervision by the student's primary care provider is encouraged as only minor illnesses are treated through the Hospital's Industrial Medical Center. It is highly recommended for students to have insurance that will cover medical, emergency and hospital care. Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing is not responsible for the cost of emergency care, hospital care, specialized diagnostic procedures and/or treatments provided for a student.

Student / Employee and Family Resources Program
Bridgeport Hospital's Employee and Family Resources Program provides information, treatment and referral services for personal or family issues. The treatment program is administered by the hospital’s Employee Assistance and Work Life Program. They can be reached by calling 1-877-275-6226.

Academic Advisement
Academic Advisement is available from the faculty to students throughout their enrollment. Students are encouraged to seek advisement for academic and/or personal concerns.

Childcare, Meals, Transportation and Parking
Childcare services are offered to students of BHSN through Childport, a day care facility owned and operated by Bridgeport Hospital. Childport is located one block from the School of Nursing at 368 Ridgefield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT. Childport provides Monday through Friday care to children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. For information on available openings or to arrange a tour, call the Childport Program Manager at 203-336-2258.

Students with their ID badge can purchase meals at a discount in the Hospital Fresh Inspirations or Jazzman’s. Snacks and refreshments from vending machines are available in Elizabeth Oliver Hall and lobby of Fresh Inspirations.

Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to classes or clinical assignments and for parking fees outside of Bridgeport Hospital. Student parking is available on a fee basis at Bridgeport Hospital’s parking garage. Discounted parking vouchers are available through the Security Department (384-3457). Students are not allowed to park in the school’s Elizabeth Oliver Hall parking lot (violators will be towed). BHSN does not provide housing. Lounge areas are available to students.