Breast Cancer
Rose of Hope Patient Speaker Karen O’Neil’s Breast Cancer Journey
Karen O’Neil, a 38-year-old school teacher from Milford reflects on her experiences at the Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center.
“My Breast Cancer Story”: A Retired School Teacher’s Reflections
Elene M. Crosby was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2011 – at a time when retired teachers are usually reflecting on their years in the classroom and pursuing interests to fill their newfound free time. Read Elene’s journey through her diagnosis and treatment.
Beth's Garden
Beth Bjorlin was only 41 years old when she lost her valiant fight against inflammatory breast cancer.
The Husband’s Point of View
Sandra Bruno’s husband, Ken, is a take-charge guy. But when his wife developed breast cancer, he knew that his would be a supporting role.
In Our Own Backyard
After returning from a relaxing Florida vacation just days before, Fairfield resident Peg Clark found herself in a situation she never anticipated: in Bridgeport Hospital, overcome with fear and uncertainty. Bridgeport Hospital’s team of expert pathologists confirmed that Peg had a GIST—a gastrointestinal stromal tumor. It was cancer.
The Teacher / Coach
This lifelong educator finds that her own experience with breast cancer is inspiring her to teach others.
We’ll Get Through it Together
At age 39, Fairfield resident Annette Serniak had never given much thought to breast cancer. She hadn't yet had her first mammogram and didn't perform regular breast self-exams. But she knew something was wrong when she accidentally found a lump.
Gastrointestinal Cancers
Have You Been Screened?
On the Wonneberger family tree, going back three generations, almost every family member has had colon cancer or polyps.
Hodgkin Lymphoma
The Four-Letter Word
Dawn Tenney was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in her chest and neck.
Uterine Cancer
Knocking Cancer Out of the Park
Carmella Marranzino of Stratford was at work when she got the call from her doctor. After hanging up with her gynecologist, Carmella immediately called her daughter and asked her to stop by the house that evening. “I tried to downplay the diagnosis,” remembers Carmella. “I told her I had been spotting for a while and that my doctors had done some tests that detected uterine cancer.”