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3-D Movie Effects Can be Affected by Vision Problems
Beware of Summer Lightning
BPA Hazard with Dental Fillings, Sealants Studied
Breast Cancer Medication Guidelines Updated
Breast, Colon Cancer Screening Rates Need Improvement
Breastfeeding Rates Studied
Calories Are the Secret Ingredient in Weight Loss
Cesarean Births Reach Record Number in U.S.
Cigarette Ads Entice Teens to Smoke
Cigarette Packaging Turns to Color, Subtle Wording to Sell
Daily Aspirin May Cut Cancer Risk
Deadly Duo: Women with Diabetes and Depression
Diabetes and Cancer Risk
Doctors’ Arthritis Counseling Often Falls Short
Early Solid Foods May Lead to Later Obesity
Flu Shots: Not Everyone on Board
Focus on Headache This Week
For Kids, the Water Glass Is Half-Empty
Genital Herpes Infection Active Even Without Symptoms
Grandparents May Be Better Drivers
Healthy Lifestyle? Americans Get Failing Grade
Heart Group Puts the Emphasis on Prevention
Inducing Labor Linked to Increased C-Section Risk
Keeping Teen Drivers Safe
Kids' Head Injury Rates Increasing
Kids’ Breakfast Doesn’t Have to Be Sweet
Link Between Premature Birth and Diet Sodas Suggested
Many Parents Give Babies Botanical Supplements
Massage Offers Real Relief from Back Pain
Meditation May Help Those with IBS
Middle Age No Barrier to Hearing Loss
Misuse of Emergency Rooms Takes Its Toll on Docs
More Americans Suffer from Gout
More Berries May Mean Lower Disease Risk
More People May Develop Epilepsy
New Advice on Fevers: Wait and Watch
No Cold Medicines, Fewer Overdoses
Pet Owners at Risk for Illness
Poll: Parents Downplay Kids’ Sports Injuries
Pregnant? Sleep Well for Good Blood Pressure
Putting the Focus on Heart Disease
Race May Affect A1C Levels
Recycling Trauma Patients' Own Blood Can Be Beneficial
Red Meat's Effect on Women's Heart Risk Studied
Reduce Fluoride in Drinking Water, U.S. Urges
Some Skin Cancers Missed by Primary Doctors
Spare Tire Increases Heart Disease Risk
Staying Active May Help Ease the Sniffles
Swimmer’s Ear Common – and Preventable
Teen Depression Linked to High Internet Use
Toddlers Need Rear-Facing Car Seats, Too
Too Much Light, Too Little Sleep?
Using Internet May Help to Maintain Weight Loss
Walk to Remember: Exercise and Brain Health
Weighing in on Added Sugar
When Plenty Is Too Much
With More Scans, More Radiation
Women: Ride a Bike, Prevent Weight Gain
Young Kids at Risk in Home Pools
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