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Health Tip: Make Healthy Foods Taste Better

(HealthDay News) -- The better foods taste, the more likely you are to eat them.

So the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests how to make healthy foods more flavorful and appealing:

  • Cook absorbent grains such as barley and rice in reduced-sodium, low-fat beef or chicken broth.

  • When making dough, before baking add ingredients such as sun-dried tomatoes, herbs or cheese.

  • Experiment with different herbs such as coriander, cumin, basil or caraway.

  • Use a sharp, grated cheese such as romano on salad, pasta, vegetables or rice.

  • Use dried fruits (cranberries, figs, apricots) to add flavor; moisten them by soaking in broth, fruit juice or cooking wine.

  • Season foods with a sweet, savory or tangy marinade. Just check the label to make sure it's low in sodium.

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