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Health Tip: Prevent Furniture Tipping

(HealthDay News) -- Kids seem to climb everywhere, including on the furniture. To keep children safe, parents should make sure that furniture and TVs are securely anchored.

The website offers these suggestions:

  • Inspect every TV in your home for stability.

  • If you have a flat-screen, mount it to the wall (following manufacturer's instructions) instead of using a TV stand.

  • If you have an older-style TV, make sure it is on a sturdy, low piece of furniture.

  • Secure top-heavy furniture to the wall using wall straps, braces or brackets.

  • Fit your dresser drawers with drawer stops so they cannot be pulled all the way out; keep the heaviest items in the lowest drawers and shelves.

  • Don't place toys, food or remote controls on higher areas where children are tempted to climb to reach them.

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