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Health Tip: Limit Food Portions

(HealthDay News) -- Limiting how much you eat during each meal can make it easier to lose any extra pounds.

The Weight-Loss Information Network offers this advice to help you control portion sizes:

  • Measure one serving (according to the product label) and serve it on a plate or bowl rather than eating straight out of the package.

  • To better enjoy your food, don't eat while watching TV or multi-tasking.

  • Eat from smaller dishes and use smaller glasses. Take your time.

  • Focus especially on portion sizes for dishes higher in calories and fat.

  • Store and freeze extra food immediately, so you're not tempted to overeat.

  • Don't skip meals. Hunger may prompt you to overeat.

  • Choose healthy, low-calorie snacks and divide into individual servings.

  • When indulging in a treat, measure a single-serving size.

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