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12 States Now Reporting Severe Respiratory Illness That Targets Kids
Health officials urge good hygiene to limit exposure to Enterovirus D68
DNA Blood Test Might Identify Status of Prostate Cancer
May help doctors pinpoint best treatment, researchers say
Major U.S. Food Makers Cut 6.4 Trillion Calories From Products: Report
16 companies exceeded pledge, but more work needed, experts say
Social Networking Sites Can Help Obese Lose Weight: Study
Internet can offer constant, cost-effective support for dieters, London researchers say
Artificial Sweeteners May Raise Blood Sugar Levels: Study
Scientists saw changes in helpful gut bacteria, which can affect some people's ability to process glucose
'Biospleen' Suggests New Way to Treat Blood Infection
But more research needed before blood-cleansing device is used on humans to treat sepsis
Researchers Discover How Bacteria Resist Antibiotics in Hospitals
Spotting infected patients, disinfecting hospitals key to curbing spread of resistant bacteria, experts say
Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals in Plastics Linked to Asthma Risk in Kids
Association between phthalates and lung disorder needs additional research, study authors say
Healthy Lifestyle Changes Linked to Reduced Risk for Dementia
Never too late to take steps to help avoid the memory-robbing disorder, researchers say
More Than One Kind of Message May Convince Smokers to Quit, Study Says
Using both positive, negative wording on labels could have the most effect, researchers report
PTSD Link to Food Addiction Seen in Report
Study finds women with worst PTSD more likely to be addicted to food, but it's not clear if one causes the other
Are Migraines in Middle Age Tied to Raised Parkinson's Risk Later?
Study sees a connection, but actual risk is small; more study needed, researchers say
Blood Test Spots Adult Depression: Study
It's as accurate as current methods, but can also confirm recovery, researchers contend
Deaths From Narcotic Painkillers Quadrupled in Past Decade: CDC
Increases highest among whites, and people between 55 and 64
FDA to Probe Testosterone Therapy Claims, Safety
Joint committee to consider whether 'Low T' products are overprescribed and whether treatment raises heart risks
Modern Forensics Provides Clues to Death of Richard III
Analysis of skeletal remains sheds light on fatal injuries English king suffered in battle over 500 years ago
Movantik Approved for Constipation From Opioids
Painkillers frequently cause irregularity
Obama Steps Up Aid to Fight Ebola in West Africa
World Health Organization warns threat grows by the day
Combo Therapy Best for COPD: Study
Researchers found two-drug regimen cut death, hospitalization rates for the respiratory disease
Researchers Don't See Long-Term Benefits From Drug for Preemies
Magnesium sulfate still useful in short term for helping to reduce risk of cerebral palsy, study says
Fewer U.S. Teens Using Illegal Drugs and Alcohol, Report Finds
Plus, teen tobacco use fell to new low in 2013, government statistics show
Health Tip: Creating a Circuit Training Workout
Burn calories and minimize boredom
1 in 5 U.S. Men Admits to Violence Against Spouse, Partner
Acts include hitting, kicking, biting, choking, threatening with a weapon, survey finds
Nonsurgical Treatments Suggested for Women's Urinary Incontinence
Pelvic muscle exercises, bladder training and weight loss can help, doctors say
Some Benefits of Screening Elderly Women for Breast Cancer Questioned
Mammograms for those aged 69 to 75 could result in overtreatment, researchers caution
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