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Obama Urges Calm in Ebola Scare, Opposes Travel Ban
Government's moves must be 'guided by science,' he says
Dieters May Be Thwarted by Absence of Healthy Foods
Study finds easy access to nutritious fare important for successful weight loss
Obama Appoints 'Ebola Czar'
Ron Klain, a trusted White House adviser, has a reputation for handling political challenges
Older Antibiotic Still Works Against Staph Infections, Study Finds
Vancomycin safe and effective, doctors should not turn to newer antibiotics, researchers say
Frequent Dining Out Might Widen Your Waistline, Study Finds
People who ate out a lot also had worse cholesterol levels than those who dined at home
WHO Admits Botched Response to Ebola in Africa
Incompetent staff blamed in internal memo from U.N. health agency, news service reports
Tonsillectomy Complications May Be More Likely in Poor, Minority Kids
Access to care might play a role, researcher says
Vitamin D Might Help Kids With Eczema
Researchers saw some improvement in winter-related symptoms
Dads Face Guilt About Workouts, Just Like Moms Do
Both parents tend to view exercise as a selfish behavior that takes up family time, researcher says
U.S. Kids Use ADHD Meds More During School Year
Researchers suggest this may be to boost academic achievement
Peak Pain Level Main Factor in Negative Childbirth Memories: Study
Length of labor didn't seem to influence recollections of pain, researchers found
Two-Pronged Program Looks Best for Helping Smokers Quit
Behavioral counseling plus medication beats other strategies, study finds
Family Acceptance Key to Curbing Teen Suicides, Study Shows
Validation by peers also decreased likelihood of self-harm
Upbeat Walking Style Might Lift Your Mood
Negativity less likely in people with a positive gait, study says
Athletic Trainers' Group Advises Heart Tests for Young Athletes
Identifying problems may prevent sudden cardiac arrest, new guidelines suggest
ER Visits Linked to Synthetic Pot More Than Double, Report Finds
Misperception that it is safe makes it especially dangerous, experts say
More Evidence That Exercise May Help Fight Depression
But low mood can be a barrier to physical activity, study finds
Health Tip: Pain in the Foot?
See a doctor if you have symptoms of arthritis
Detergent Pods Pose Risk to Kids' Eyes, Researchers Warn
Young children may be attracted to the brightly colored chemicals, study suggests
Most Kindergartners Are Getting Their Shots: CDC
Still, small percentage of parents refuse vaccinations for their kids, experts note
Esbriet, Ofev Approved to Treat Deadly Lung Disease
Drugs help slow decline of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
1st Dallas Nurse With Ebola Headed to NIH Facility in Maryland
Second nurse has also been transferred from Dallas hospital that has been criticized for its handling of Ebola patient
Ebola Nurse From Dallas Transferred to Atlanta Medical Center
Emory University Hospital is one of four facilities nationwide with isolation units designed to treat infectious diseases
U.S. Health Officials Resist Ban on Travel From West Africa
Such a ban would make it much harder to track those who might be infected with Ebola, CDC director testifies
Gut Microbes Tied to Jet Lag, Shift-Work Weight Gain
Body's helpful bacteria may have internal clocks, too, researchers suggest
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