To enroll, a student needs to complete an ACPE application form and interview with a CPE supervisor or a designated person familiar with the program.

There is no application fee.


Please complete the attached application and letter of reference.
Instructions for submitting a CPE Application Form via fax:
  1. Print out and complete the application and letter of reference.
  2. Fill out both forms completely.
  3. Fax your completed paperwork to: 203-384-4630.
  4. You will be contacted by a Pastoral Services staff member within 3 business days 
  5. NOTE: For applicants who have the ability to save their completed paperwork as a PDF, you may e-mail your completed forms to: .
Instructions for Printing and Mailing a CPE Application Form and/or Letter of Reference:
  1. Click here to print the Application Form (using your browser's print function).
  2. Click here to print the Letter of Reference (using your browser's print function).
  3. Fill out the application/letter completely. Attach additional pages and information as necessary.
  4. Mail the Application and the Letter of Reference to:
    Rabbi Jeffrey Silberman

    Spiritual Care & Education Department
    Bridgeport Hospital
    267 Grant Street
    P.O. Box 5000
    Bridgeport, CT 06610
  5. You will be contacted by a staff member from the Spiritual Care Department within 3 business days.