Spring 2003
Finding Help When You Didn't Even Know You Needed It!

It can happen to any family—even the healthiest. A sudden illness, an accident, major surgery for a family member, or just the realization that Grandma or Grandpa is getting older—events like these can change your lives in ways you might never have foreseen. When that happens, you might not think about asking for help. You might just think, "We'll manage somehow; we always have." You might not even know about the kinds of help that are available.

The United Visiting Nurse Association does know. United can help you find many ways to make life easier and better for your loved ones, your family, and yourself in a time of need. United's free, personalized Needs Assessment Program is a good place to start. A nurse will come to your home and help you determine what your loved one's needs may be. Questions they can help you answer include—

  • Would a physical, emotional, or mental assessment can help establish your loved one's basic situation, beyond what you're aware of?
  • Could part-time help around the house, or possible live-in help, make life easier and less stressful for the whole family?
  • Would an Adult Day Care Program for older adults be helpful—daily, when you need to be out of town, or when you simply require some relief from caregiver responsibilities?
  • Could financial counseling help you make changes in financial plans?
  • What sort of long-term care facility—nursing home, assisted living, etc.—would be best if your loved one needs more care than you can provide in the home?

Once these and other questions have been answered, United can help connect you with the resources you'll need to get started with the needed changes.

When your healthcare needs change, finding the right kind of advice is an important first step toward making life easier and more comfortable for yourself, your loved one, and your family.

To reach United Visiting Nurse Association's needs assessment program, call Tara Nykaza at 203-330-5538.