Autumn 2002
CheerGrams: Mail Delivered to Bridgeport Hospital Patients the Same Day You Send It!

Send a CheerGram to a Patient! Is someone you know a patient at Bridgeport Hospital? Send them cheerful messages every weekday—fast and free!—with Bridgeport Hospital's CheerGrams! CheerGrams are delivered the same day you send them.

There are two ways for you to send a CheerGram:

  1. To use email:
    • Log on to Bridgeport Hospital's web site,
    • Click on the "CheerGram" symbol and follow the directions on the form.
  2. To use your telephone:
    • Call toll-free, 888-357-2396.
    • Dictate the CheerGram, and tell us to whom you'd like it delivered.

Our Patient Relations Department receives the CheerGrams and hand delivers them. Messages received before 4 p.m. weekdays are delivered the same day. Those received after 4 p.m. are delivered the next weekday.

CheerGrams can help your friends and loved ones get well soon!

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