Early Fall 2008

William Butler, MD
Q: I’ve heard that oxygen can help heal wounds. How does this work?

Surgeon William Butler, MD, responds:

A: Oxygen therapy has long been used to treat many health conditions. When paired with traditional wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can cure many difficult-totreat wounds. These include certain diabetic foot ulcers, leg sores due to poor circulation, radiation-related tissue and bone damage and some bone infections.

During HBOT, a patient sits in a special chamber and breathes pure oxygen under pressure. This way, the body absorbs more oxygen into the bloodstream where it promotes the healing of certain chronic wounds.

Opening Fall 2008!

The new Wound Healing Center of Fairfield County— at the corner of Mill Hill Avenue and Grant Street!

The Wound Healing Center of Fairfield County has the area’s first hospital-based multiplace (multiperson) hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber—accomodating up to 12 people at the same time! This design allows for a trained staff member to stay in the chamber during treatments for your care and comfort, and helps decrease feelings of isolation and claustrophobia that some people experience in chambers designed for one patient.

For an appointment, please call The Wound Healing Center of Fairfield County at 203-384-HEAL (4325).