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Cover Story: Brought Back to Life

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Heart Attack Survivors: Where were you when you had a heart attack? Did you know what was happening? What were your symptoms? Share your experiences or comment on Burton’s story.

Rehabilitation After a Heart Attack

The Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital offers exercise and education programs for people with heart disease, those recuperating from cardiac surgery or anyone wanting to get their exercise plan back on track. For class schedules and more information, please call 203-256-5896.

Bridgeport Hospital Rated BEST IN CONNECTICUT for Heart Attack Survival!

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  • Life-Saving Tests: Read about the two important tests that everyone should have, even if think you’re not at risk for heart disease.
  • Life-Saving Heart Procedures: Learn about the life-saving procedures performed in the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital, including catheterizations, bypass surgery and CABG, electrophysiology procedures, valve replacement and repair and the intra-aortic balloon pump.
  • Healthy Heart Quiz: How much do you know about your heart? Test your knowledge!
  • Healthy Heart Tips : Check out these easy ways to keep your heart healthy.