Winter 2005
Not Just Treating, But Curing, a Faulty Heartbeat
Feature Story
Donna Nordone, a special education teacher at Coleytown elementary School in Westport, cares deeply about her students. So when her heart needed special care, she came to the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital. Why? Read the story to find out!
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Here are a few unfamiliar words you’ll find in this issue of Healthy & Wise.

If you have heart disease, you may be on medications and a special diet or exercise program to keep your condition under control. But there's another tool your cardiologist can use to make sure your heart stays healthy: measuring your ejection fraction. Why is this important? Robert Zawadski's story makes it clear.

What do you do when your heart beats too fast, too slow, and not in sync? When you've had two heart attacks, and you've developed congestive heart failure? You go to the Electrophysiology Lab at Bridgeport Hospital to find out what's going on!

For people like Paul Augustine, Donna Nardone, Robert Zawadski, and thousands of others who have chosen Bridgeport Hospital over the past two decades, Bridgeport Hospital is the heart hospital of choice.

All of us have stress in our lives. Your ability to deal with your stress can make the difference between feeling good and being burdened by ill health.

Each year, 700,000 Americans suffer back pain from spine fractures caused by osteoporosis. Are you, or do you know, one of them? Does the pain keep you from playing with your grandkids, taking those long healthy walks with your spouse, volunteering at your place of worship? Have you tried drugs, bed rest, and braces for your pain, with no luck? Relief is as close as Bridgeport Hospital!

Looking for something to do with your children on weekends? Searching for the perfect birthday party idea? Check out Bridgeport Hospital's Polka Dot Kids Series!

I weigh 125 pounds more than my ideal weight. I have high blood pressure and diabetes, and I’m constantly exhausted. Plus, my hips hurt when I walk. Should I be thinking about stomach stapling surgery?