Early Spring 2007
Bridgeport Hospital’s New Emergency Department: Beautiful—and Better than Ever!
Feature Story
If you were hiring people for an emergency department, whom would you want on your team? Experts trained to diagnose and treat heart attacks quickly and effectively? A team specially dedicated to treating burn victims? A team with expertise in treating children? A trauma team? A stroke team?
In this issue...
Bridgeport Hospital is the only area hospital currently using the da Vinci "S"® Surgical System. This advanced, robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery is the fastest-growing treatment for prostate cancer.

When you or someone you love is injured or suddenly becomes very sick, where do you go—to a walk-in medical center, or to the emergency department? And should you drive, or call an ambulance? Here’s a set of guidelines to help you get the most appropriate care in the most appropriate way.

My medicine cabinet is overflowing with stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. What are the really essential items that I should keep on hand, and what can I dump?