Spring 2009
Turning Back the Clock on Disease
Feature Story
Bill Haberlin of Trumbull underwent a new, non-surgical procedure to protect himself from developing esophageal cancer.
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Your to-do list never stops growing, but now that spring is here, it may be time to make yourself—and your health—a priority! Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers makes it easy by offering personalized programs to help keep you strong and healthy!

I sometimes pass a little blood and am in pain after a bowel movement. Should I be concerned?

Hospital-Affiliated Blood Draw Stations

When you are ready to begin making healthcare choices, we invite you to take advantage of this free service by contacting our Concierge, Joanna.

It’s finally spring—and time to stop and see the roses, daffodils and other sights of the season! But if it’s been a while since your last eye exam, or if you notice a change in your vision, it may be time to visit an ophthalmologist.

A day dedicated to cancer survivors, their families and friends and anyone who has been touched by cancer. Come and share in the day of celebration!