August 2000
Health Information at the Tip of Your Dialing Finger!

Ankle Wrap Now you can get answers to some of your personal healthcare questions at any time, day or night, in the privacy of your home! Bridgeport Hospital is proud to introduce its new, expanded Health Information Audio Library, with more than 1,500 healthcare topics in 30 categories. This free service, courtesy of Bridgeport Hospital and the Yale New Haven Health System, offers information, advice, and even basic instructions in handling certain common healthcare problems. Written by medical experts, teachers, and researchers, all information has the seal of approval from Yale New Haven Health, including Bridgeport Hospital, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, and Greenwich Hospital. (Please note, however: It is not intended to substitute for the advice of your personal physician.)

To access any of the Health Information Audio Library topics listed below (just a few of the hundreds of topics available), dial toll-free, 1-877-828-7888 on your touch-tone phone. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Then enter the code for the topic you want to hear.

If you don't have a touch-tone phone, dial Yale New Haven Health, 888-357-2396, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tell the coordinator the topics you want, and he or she will send you printed copies.


Parents Information Library
(English or Spanish)

First Aid for Emergencies
8500 Burns
8501 Choking: The Heimlich
8502 Seizures with fever
8503 Seizures without fever (Epilepsy)

8489 Bone and muscle injuries
8490 Cuts and scrapes
8491 Finger injuries
8492 Head injuries
8493 Mouth injuries
8494 Puncture wound

Accident Prevention
8565 Animal bites: Prevention
8566 Drowning: Prevention
8567 Electrical shock: Prevention
8568 Falls and head injury: Prevention
8569 Hot-weather illness: Prevention
8570 Poisoning: Prevention
8571 Walkers: A major health hazard

General Health Information
(English only)

Bones, Joints & Muscles
7602 Anti-inflammatory medications
4231 Arthroscopic surgery
4232 Bursitis
4233 Carpal tunnel syndrome
7608 Cruciate ligament injury / knee
7618 Heel pain
4234 Hip replacement
7635 Preventing a broken hip
4235 Knee replacement
4240 Lupus
7625 Meniscus injury to knee
7447 Muscle cramps and spasms
7631 Osteomyelitis
7637 Rotator cuff injury
7639 Shoulder dislocation
7640 Slipped disc
7561 Sprains and strains

Also available at the tip of your dialing finger: help finding the physicians or services you need. Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., while using the Health Information Audio Library, you can press * to reach our Services Referral Program. Or yo

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