Winter 2004
Three Steps to Prevent Heart Disease
1. Ask for a Free Heart Healthy Cookbook and Information!
Call us, 24/7, at 203-384-4444; out of area, 1-888-357-2396, to receive any or all of these informational materials.

Especially for Women: Women's Heart Advantage at Bridgeport Hospital packet, including-

  • Poster: Lists heart attack symptoms and information on risk factors you can manage yourself, and those you should discuss with your physician.
  • Brochure: Six steps you can take to reduce your risks.
  • Golden pin: A reminder to be heart-healthy every day.
  • Magnet: A handy reminder of the Bridgeport Hospital's Women's Heart Line toll-free number.
Cooking for the Heart, a free 80-page heart-healthy cookbook.
American Heart Association risk assessment brochure.
2. Talk to a Nurse
  If you have questions or concerns about your heart, you can talk directly to a nurse by calling Bridgeport Hospital’s Women’s Heart Line, 24/7; toll-free, 1-866-HEART 10 (1-866-432-7810). Keep this telephone number close at hand with the helpful free magnet (see above).
3. JOIN "Project Heart Smart"

Bridgeport Hospital’s popular "Project Heart Smart" program will give you the tools, skills and support to help you make permanent changes in your lifestyle that will improve your heart health. Each three-hour group session includes exercise, stress reduction techniques, education—and a gourmet heart-smart meal from a local restaurant! For information on days, times, and cost, call 888-357-2396.

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