Spring 2004
Support for Expectant or New Moms-Right at Home!

Expectant or new moms know that there are times when you´re glad for extra support and expertise right there in your own home. Whether you´re going through a high-risk pregnancy, one that´s perfectly routine, or have already given birth, United Visiting Nurse Association can provide this help for you.

Mother-and-child services offered by United VNA include-

Antepartum (before birth) monitoring of high-risk moms in the home
Care and education related to:

  Gestational (pregnancy) diabetes

  Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure

  Multiple births

  Teenage pregnancy

Postpartum (after birth) care:

  Baby care instruction

  Evaluation and monitoring of the mother and baby

  Cesarean incision care

  Breastfeeding instruction

  Baby and sibling care

For information about maternal-child services offered by United VNA, call 203-330-9198.

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