Fall 2004
Living with Chronic Illness?
United VNA Can Help!

It's been five years since you were diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. By now, it's an old familiar...acquaintance, let's say. You call it by its nickname: CHF. You're used to taking those little white pills every morning, and watching your diet and your fluid intake. You know you need to monitor your vital signs daily (but sometimes, when you're really tired, you cheat). You're on a first-name basis with everyone in your doctor's office, because you're there so often. Worst of all, you're way too familiar with hospital routine, since you've been adding up those frequent patient miles.

Now you're determined: this year, no more hospital trips. This year, you're going to stay on top of things! ... But how?

United VNA Can Help

Whether it's CHF, diabetes, high blood pressure, or another chronic illness, you can get help in managing it right in your home, from United Visiting Nurse Association.

Especially useful is United's new home telemonitoring program. "This program provides you with the equipment and the know-how to monitor your own weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugars, and even the symptoms you feel, and send the results to your nurse over the telephone," explains program nurse June O'Connell, RN. "In this way your caretakers will be able to keep a close eye on your health, and even adjust your medications, without the need for frequent visits to your doctor's office."

Home monitoring can make a huge difference in your life. In fact, one recent patient did so well with home monitoring for his CHF that he was taken off the heart transplant list!

Other United Services

As well as home monitoring, United Visiting Nurse Association offers a range of other home health services to help people with chronic illnesses. These services include-

Home Health Assessment. United VNA can provide a free, personalized Home Health Assessment that will help determine what services will be most useful for you.

Nursing Care. United nurses can visit as often as needed to give medications and other treatments, and coordinate your home care with your physician.

Home Health Aid. A United VNA Home Health Aid can visit you regularly to help make sure you are taking your medications correctly, assist with meals and housekeeping, run errands, and perform a number of other tasks, helping you conserve energy. Medicare often pays for these services. And even when Medicare coverage doesn't apply, you can still make arrangements to pay on a monthly basis.

With all of these home care services, you'll have the peace of mind-and the energy-to do the things that are important to you-such as playing with your grandson!

  For more information about United Visiting Nurse Association programs, please call Tara Nykaza at 203-330-5538.  

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