Summer 2005
What’s a Geriatrician?

As we go through life's stages, we often need specialized care to solve specific problems that arise. When we're children, pediatricians provide that special understanding. Women in their child-bearing years may need an obstetrician. And when we become older, a geriatrician can help us to stay not only wise, but well.

"A geriatrician—a physician specializing in the medical care of seniors—has a full understanding of the wide range of physical, mental, medical, social, and spiritual issues that can arise as we grow older," explains Beata Skudlarska, MD, Chief of Geriatrics at Bridgeport Hospital.

With our many interlinked geriatric services the geriatric experts at Bridgeport Hospital, working with your primary care physician, can help you get exactly the care you require at this stage of life.

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