Late Spring 2006
OPTIFAST® at Bridgeport Hospital

You're 40 pounds overweight and growing. You've tried all kinds of diets, but nothing has worked for you. You've tried weekly group meetings with others who were in the same boat— but somehow, for you, it just felt as if the boat were sinking. You need something more. You need the support of expert clinical caregivers to help you change your course.

The Weight Management Center at Bridgeport Hospital has just the plan for you! OPTIFAST is an individualized program, medically monitored by a dietitian and a physician, to help you lose weight sensibly and keep it off!

The 18–week OPTIFAST program works like this: For the first 12 weeks, you eat only OPTIFAST foods: a menu of tasty shakes, soups and nutritional bars. The final six weeks focus on reintroducing you to regular—but healthy!—foods.

During the 18–week program, you have twice-monthly personal, one-on-one meetings with a registered dietitian to discuss your specific concerns, including trigger foods (chocolate?), trigger events (your spouse is away on a weeklong business trip?), behavior issues (you can't be left alone in the house with a pint of ice cream?), and any other barriers to reaching your goals. You'll also get guidance in setting your weight-loss goals and creating a sensible exercise plan, and you'll be medically monitored throughout the program by the experienced staff of Bridgeport Hospital's Weight Management Center.

"Our only requirements for the program are that you be more than 40 pounds over your healthy weight, that you have your doctor's permission to be on a diet and that you have some blood tests and an electrocardiogram (EKG) to be sure your heart is healthy. We can make arrangements for you to have those tests right here at Bridgeport Hospital," says Stuart Zarich, MD, medical advisor to the Weight Management Center.

The cost of OPTIFAST food is $75 per week; and the bi-weekly counseling sessions are covered by most insurance programs. The staff in the Weight Management Center even do the paperwork for you! Sign up for the OPTIFAST Program at Bridgeport Hospital, and start smooth sailing!

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