Summer 2006
KidEase: Making Hospital Procedures Easier for Wrigglers!

Ever tried to hold on to a wriggling two-year-old while you get her into her sneakers? Then you can imagine how hard it is for an anxious child to stay absolutely still for a 30–minute medical procedure such as an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging to create pictures of body organs and structures).

KidEase at Bridgeport Hospital makes procedures like these easier on children by giving them a sedative before the procedure. A sedative is not an anesthetic, which would make the child unconscious. It simply makes the child sleepy and relaxed, and sometimes unable to remember the procedure afterwards.

If your child faces a medical procedure such as an echocardiogram (to see inside the heart), wound or burn dressing change, intravenous (IV) medications, or any procedure that may cause anxiety or pain, ask your pediatrician or other specialist about KidEase. Your doctor can access the service by calling the hospital's PT Barnum Pediatric Center at 203-384-3250.

KidEase could turn a frightening experience for your child into one that's — well, forgettable!

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