Autumn 2002
Walk to Wellness!

Walk to Wellness! With winter weather coming on, you may well be wondering where you can do your walking. A word to the wise: Westfield's Walking to Wellness is the way to go.

Sponsored by Bridgeport Hospital, Westfield Shoppingtown Trumbull, and Hudson United Bank, Westfield's Walking to Wellness is an organized mall-walking club. Membership benefits include free health and finance seminars every other month featuring Bridgeport Hospital and Hudson United Bank staff; quarterly breakfasts with fun free giveaways; and a walker's identification badge.

We all know walking is wonderful for wellness. It's good for your heart, your bones, your mood—and, of course, your weight! At a brisk pace of four miles per hour, it takes 15 minutes to accomplish one mile. (Three times around the inside of the mall, hugging the outside wall, equals one mile.) In that time, you could burn off 70-80 calories or more, depending on your weight.

Westfield Shoppingtown in Trumbull is open to walkers Monday-Saturday, 7-10 a.m., and Sunday 9-11 a.m. You can sign up for Westfield's Walking to Wellness at the Westfield Shoppingtown Trumbull Customer Service Booth any time during operating hours. Or you can sign up online! While you're on Bridgeport Hospital's website, check out the list of Special Events to find out about upcoming Westfield's Walking to Wellness seminars.

For more information, please call Jeanette Morgan, Marketing Coordinator, Westfield Shoppingtown Trumbull, at 203-372-4500.

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