Early Fall 2009
Put Your Best Foot Forward—Take Care of Your Feet!
Put Your Best Foot Forward—Take Care of Your Feet!

Is there a bump, sore or ache in your foot that you’ve put off asking your doctor about? When was the last time you had your feet professionally examined? Foot and toe problems can be the first sign of serious medical conditions. So take a step in the right direction! It may be the time to visit a podiatrist, podiatric surgeon or podiatric orthopedist.

When choosing a foot specialist, be sure to select a physician affiliated with Bridgeport Hospital:
Stephen Burrows, DPM
Carol Callahan, DPM
Tina Chieco-Schwartz, DPM
R. Daniel Davis, DPM
Deborah DeRose, DPM
Daniel Dobas, DPM
Thomas Domanick, DPM
Alan Feldman, DPM
Howard Harinstein, DPM
Pedram Hendizadeh, DPM
Ceasar Irby, DPM
Chris Kassaris, DPM
Robert Schwartz, DPM
Louise Tortora, DPM
Abraham Yale, DPM
Arnold Zuckman, DPM

If you would like more information about, or a referral to, any of these expert physicians, please visit www.bridgeporthospital.org/FindPhysician or call 1-888-357-2396, toll free, 24/7.