Late Summer 2003
In an Emergency—Fish!
Mathew Viens, Fairfield

Fish are probably not the first thing you think of when your daughter falls off her bike and needs stitches—but fish may be the memory she takes away from her visit to The Children’s Emergency Center at Bridgeport Hospital.

That’s because the Center has relocated to larger, sunnier, fishier quarters, creating a place that’s more fun and less frightening for children who need emergency care. The finny wall décor was created by area school children under the direction of Trumbull artist Monica Tujak-Weiss, and the walls and curtains of the exam rooms have been brightened up with bold, happy colors. A new waiting and play area includes an aquarium, of course—just right for the maritime theme.

The care provided here has not changed, however. The Children’s Emergency Center at Bridgeport Hospital still offers specialized care from 4 p.m. to midnight, seven days a week, in a private, child-friendly area. "The presence of pediatric nurses who are attuned to the special needs of children and their families is a major plus," says Michael Werdmann, MD, chairman of the Emergency Department and the Center’s medical director.

Bella Tujak-Weiss, Trumbull

The goal is not only to provide the best of care for the child, but also to make the experience as positive as possible. "Coming to the hospital with a sick child can be very stressful," says Peggy Parniawski, RN, nurse manager of the Emergency Department. "Our nurses are specialty trained in pediatrics and provide a wealth of information to patients and their families."

So when your four-year-old needs stitches after a run-in with his best friend’s dump truck, think, Fish!

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