Winter 2012
Ring for Your Rhythm

Toll Free 1-855-BH-PULSE (1-855-247-8573)

You haven’t been yourself lately. You can’t put your finger on what’s wrong, but something just doesn’t feel right. It could be nothing—but you could be one of the two million adults in the United States who has atrial fibrillation (a-fib), the most common heart rhythm condition. More than half of those who have a-fib don’t even know it. That’s scary, because a-fib causes blood clots that can travel to your brain and trigger a stroke.


Fortunately, there’s an easy way to detect a-fib: check your pulse!


Expert physicians in the Connecticut Cardiac Arrhythmia Center at Bridgeport Hospital can help by phone. Call toll free 1-855-BH-PULSE for recorded, detailed instructions from Cardiologist Gil Lancaster, MD, and in less than one minute, you’ll learn how to take your pulse. If your heartbeat is irregular, please see your primary care physician. If you need a doctor, we can help you find one.

Stop that stroke from happening!

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