Summer 2002
The Perfect Gift for that New Mom!

Your wife, your daughter, your best friend...someone you love has just given birth and you're searching your soul for the perfect gift. One that will be even cuddlier than a fleecy receiving blanket; even more useful than baby blue (or blush pink) onesies; even more meaningful than a silver picture frame.

How about giving her hours of sleep, days of peace, extra knowledge and understanding, and help with the housework?

You can provide all of this with the gift of United Visiting Nurse Association home health services.

"Taking care of a new baby can be quite difficult, even with family members close by to lend support," says Tara Nykaza, RN, manager of United VNA's private duty program. "Our pediatric nurses can answer questions, help with breastfeeding instruction, and give advice to new moms. Our home health aides can help care for older children and provide household help."

The service can even be provided during nighttime hours, so new parents can get much needed rest while the home care provider helps to put the baby to sleep or assists with nighttime feedings.

Peace of mind and a good night's sleep for new parents-what gift could be better than that?

To learn how United VNA can help you send Mom that perfect gift, call Tara Nykaza at (203) 330-5538.

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