October 2001
Who's Who in the ICU?

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Bridgeport Hospital, under the leadership of Neonatologist Robert Herzlinger, MD, has been saving babies' lives since 1972, making it the most experienced unit of its kind in Fairfield County. Besides Dr. Herzlinger, the Newborn ICU has four neonatologists (physicians specializing in the care of critically ill newborns): Christine Butler, MD; Richard Freedman, MD; Harris Jacobs, MD; and Cheryl Menzies, MD.

Subspecialists associated with the Newborn ICU include pediatricians with special expertise in Cardiology, Critical Care, Developmental Pediatrics, Endocrinology (glands), Gastroenterology, Nephrology (kidneys), Neurology (nervous system), and Pulmonology (lungs).

Because Bridgeport Hospital is a teaching hospital, the Newborn ICU has a round-the-clock team of pediatric resident physicians dedicated to the care of critically ill newborns, ready to intervene at a moments notice, as they were with Olivia Hayes.

The tender heart of the Newborn ICU is its nurses, who are attuned with a special sensitivity to their tiny patients, and to the beeps and buzzes and hums of the monitors and other special equipment that keep track of every breath, every heartbeat.

As well as special care in the Newborn ICU, The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital offers special services-including an Antenatal Testing Unit, on-staff perinatologist specializing in high-risk pregnancies, genetic counseling, 24-hour-a-day obstetrical anesthesia, and much more. For instance, in most hospitals pediatricians are not present at a birth, as they were for Kelley Hayes, but because Bridgeport Hospital is a teaching hospital, pediatric residents (physicians getting specialized intensive training in pediatrics) attend all cesarean births.

It's all part of expecting-and being prepared for-the unexpected.

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