October 2000
A No-Cost Prescription Discount Card for Those Age 50 and Over!

A No-Cost Prescription Discount Card for Those Age 50 and Over! With the cost of prescription medications on the rise, and Medicare still not offering coverage for medications, here's a great offer to help bring those costs down. As a member of Yale-New Haven Health, Bridgeport Hospital is proud to offer a no-cost CATALYST SCRIPTS™ card for seniors whose insurance does not cover the cost of prescriptions, or who do not already have a pharmacy discount card. It entitles people age 50 and over and their dependents to obtain the lowest price at the point of purchase at more than 48,000 chain and independent pharmacies, nationwide!

Here's how it works: When you have a prescription to be filled, simply take your prescription and your discount card to a participating pharmacist. It's that easy!

CATALYST SCRIPTS can be used after your prescription coverage "cap" has been reached or if your coverage is only valid with certain drugs. You can use CATALYST SCRIPTS for brand name or generic drugs, whichever your doctor feels is right for you.

Many brand name drugs are quite expensive. Often, there are some very similar brand name drugs that cost less and will save you money. A partial list of these drugs will accompany your card. Ask your doctor if any of these less expensive brand name drugs would be right in treating your medical condition. Only your doctor will be able to make this decision.

So if you're tired of paying high prices for prescriptions, the CATALYST SCRIPTS discount card could save you money. And after all, better that the money stays in your pocket than someone else's!

To apply for your CATALYST SCRIPTS Discount card, please call Bridgeport Hospital at 888-357-2396.

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