Summer 2004
A Good Night's Sleep
Feature Story
It wasn't that Sandy Arabia didn't get any sleep at all. She knew she was sleeping, because she woke up several times a night. And you can't wake up unless you've been asleep.

So why was she so tired all day long?
In this issue...
In May 2000, Healthy & Wise told the story of Luke, Jake, and Paul Ferrigno-triplets born to Huntington residents Paul and Melissa Ferrigno after a difficult pregnancy. Since then, the boys have come to symbolize The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital.

Today's hearing aids are smaller, and amazingly more effective and natural-sounding, than the one your grandfather wore.

You're being a responsible woman, doing your monthly breast self-exam, as you've been doing for years. Only this time--you find something.

The physicians, nurses, and all of the staff at Bridgeport Hospital are fully committed to advancing a culture of quality and safety. We offer these suggestions to help you fully understand and participate in your own healthcare, both in the hospital and in your physician's office.

What would you do if you, or someone you love, felt that chest discomfort-that "Could this really be a heart attack?" feeling that we all dread. Do you know where you'd go for emergency cardiac care?

I have an ugly open sore on my foot that’s been bothering me for several weeks. How do I get rid of this sore, and how can I keep this from happening again?