Summer 2005
14 Ways—Plus One!— to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
Feature Story
If heart disease runs in your family (and whose family tree doesn’t have a few heart-shaped knotholes?) you know you need to take steps to reduce your own risk.
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Here's a wonderful way to put some fun into your heart-health routine— complete with eight gourmet meals!

This outpatient mental health service offers a choice of several programs...

You're a selective woman, and you prefer to take charge of your life up front, rather than letting events surprise you. So now that you're thinking about starting or increasing your family, you want to select the best hospital for giving birth. You expect a joyous pregnancy and birth—but you're planning ahead for whatever might occur. You want all the information you can get!

As we go through life's stages, we often need specialized care to solve specific problems that arise. When we're children, pediatricians provide that special understanding. Women in their child-bearing years may need an obstetrician. And when we become older, a geriatrician can help us to stay not only wise, but well.

Your voice has sounded hoarse for the past three months, even though you've been using throat lozenges to soothe it. You don’t smoke and you're not a singer, so what can it be? Your neighbor had to have surgery for his hoarseness, so you’re wondering, is that the best way to treat your problem?

It's summer, and you'd love to get away for a break— a week at the cottage, a weekend in the city, or maybe just a day at the beach. But who will visit your mom and keep an eye on her?

Our cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons have collected their favorite heart-healthy recipes for your enjoyment!

Bridgeport Hospital offers hundreds of classes, events, and groups to help keep our community—and your family—healthy!

I've read that the symptoms of a heart attack are similar to symptoms of indigestion. I've never had a heart attack or indigestion: How can I tell the difference between the two so I'll know if I need to come to the Chest Pain Center?