Summer 2003
A New Way to Keep Blocked Heart Arteries Open
Feature Story

Question: "I've had two ballon angioplasties to open blocked heart arteries, one including a stent. But both times scar tissue caused the artery to re-close, and I needed to have them re-opened. Now I have another blockage. Is it time to think of open-heart surgery, or do I have other options?"

Mitchell Driesman, MD and Joel Kupfer, MD respond:

Mitchell Driesman, MD and Joel Kupfer, MD
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On August 28, 1896, quadruplets Orlando, Amelia, Wilhelmina, and Elizabeth Stickles were born at home in Stratford. They were probably premature—born too soon. And not just one or two months too soon. Sadly, they were born more than three-quarters of a century too soon. The life-saving Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Bridgeport Hospital lay 77 years in the future.

Used to be, the only hot flashes about menopause were the bodily ones we women endured as we progressed through "the change of life."

Now the hottest flashes arrive via the news media as we learn more about the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Imagine being so afraid to leave your own home that visiting your much-loved family is absolute torture.

Imagine wanting to work, but being too anxious to get out and go job-hunting.

That's how it was for 55-year-old Tony D'Amico for more than a decade.

When you were a kid, your father used to love taking you fishing and hiking and camping-anything outdoorsy. But now, at age 78, he is housebound, often irritable, and unwilling to go outside for any reason. In the early stages of dementia, he also has a number of other ailments and disabilities that require frequent medical attention.