Fall 2006
The Rusty Pipe
Feature Story
Something wasn't right. It wasn’t the flu and it wasn't his appendix (he'd had that out years ago). But the fever, the horrible chills, the abdominal pain ("It sometimes knocked me to the floor!"), the loss of appetite, the exhaustion in a normally healthy man—no, something definitely wasn't right.
In this issue...
Your mom, an independent individualist for most of her 72 years, has never had much need for medical care. Heck, she only gave in to glasses in her sixties! But now, after a stroke, plus osteoporosis that led to a broken hip, she’s not the healthy young adventurer she used to be. She’s getting forgetful, and she’s unwilling to leave the house.

Keep your glasses sparkling clean and fingerprint-free with a handy microfiber lens-cleaning cloth.

Wouldn't it be great if you could use your laptop to get some work done while you're recovering from surgery? Or to e-mail anxious relatives with updates while you’re waiting for a loved one to come out of a procedure?

I have heard that there is a new way to treat liver cancer by killing the tumors rather than by surgically removing them. How is this done, and what are the advantages of this type of treatment?