Summer 2007
The Mystery of the Disappearing Memory
Feature Story
This specially tailored assessment is designed to determine the total physical, emotional and mental well-being of older adults who are affected by the conditions that can arise as we age," says Beata Skudlarska, MD, Chief of Geriatrics at Bridgeport Hospital.
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Do you know someone age 55 or older who needs help staying active and healthy? Bridgeport Hospital has programs to help older adults maintain physical strength and stamina.

Suppose you're told that you have prostate cancer. (Or that someone you love is facing this diagnosis.) There are a number of good non-surgical options for cancer of the prostate, including watchful waiting, brachytherapy (implanting radioactive iodine pellets directly into the prostate), external beam radiation and drug treatments to shrink the cancer. However, your doctor says that for you, prostatectomy—surgery to remove the prostate—offers the best chance of a cure. Now you have a decision to make:

Have you ever wondered how Bridgeport Hospital's quality of care stacks up next to the rest of Connecticut's Hospitals—and hospitals across the nation?

"When I told my doctor that I had been feeling deeply depressed for the past few months, one of the steps he recommended was that I see a physician who specializes in sleep disorders. What in the world is the connection between depression and sleep?"