Fall 2007
Meet the Joy Boys!
Feature Story
When Mom and Dad—Aleksandra Dobkowski-Joy and her husband, Christopher Joy—watch the boys play, it’s never far from their minds that these two spunky youngsters were born at just under 3 lbs. apiece and, thanks to Bridgeport Hospital’s highly experienced Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NBICU) team, overcame serious cardiac and lung problems. Today, they are right on track and inspire everyone they meet.
In this issue...
In the Summer 2007 issue, Healthy & Wise featured Bridgeport Hospital physicians using robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery for urological and prostate cancer procedures. Patients who undergo surgery using this new method usually experience less scarring and a faster return to their daily routines. Bridgeport Hospital surgeons are now using the robot-assisted minimally invasive technique for select gynecological procedures.

Q: I’ve been living with diabetes for two years. Managing and worrying about my blood sugar levels alone takes so much time and energy. Keeping track of all the other conditions that affect my health – my weight, blood pressure, etc. – stresses me out! What can I do to make this easier?