Winter 2010
Breathing a Sigh of Relief
Feature Story
A month before his life-saving heart surgery, freelance photographer Bob Winkler of Stratford couldn’t take a single step without gasping
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Many of us live with aches and pains. But serious, debilitating pain from an accident, injury, surgery or medical contion that keeps you from enjoying life shouldn’t be ignored. These Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers’ programs can help you return to your daily activities—from climbing up stairs to cross-country skiing along your favorite trail— and improve your overall health.

We have all heard the claims about superfoods and exercise fads to get your heart in tip-top shape. Of course, a wholesome diet and regular exercise are part of good heart health plan, but there’s only one quick and easy thing you can do right now to find out if your heart is healthy.

My doctor has recommended radiation therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer, but I’ve heard it can be difficult to pinpoint the prostate gland. True?

When you are ready to begin making healthcare choices, we invite you to take advantage of this free service by contacting our Concierge, Joanna.