Summer 2011
Giving Pain the Boot
Feature Story
Lying on the pavement, barely conscious, all John Bogart could see through the slits of his eyes was the awkward position of his foot. It was completely sideways.
In this issue...
You—or a loved one—no longer need to live with fear, isolation and lifestyle limitations from a wound that won’t heal on its own.

I’ve noticed lately that at the end of the day, my legs bother me. They feel tired and sometimes I get a cramping sensation. Should I be concerned?

If you’ve been diagnosed with foot drop, you know how challenging it can be to take a simple step.

There are many types of sleep disorders—obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, parasomnias (nightmares, sleep walking), periodic limb movement disorder and restless leg syndrome— that can prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep.

When you are ready to begin making healthcare choices, we invite you to take advantage of this free service by contacting our Concierge, Joanna.