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September 2013
Before Epic Go-live…

Michael Werdmann, MDMichael Werdmann, MD, Senior Medical Director, IT, asks medical staff to:

  • Review your Cerner inbox and complete any un-authenticated orders or incomplete documents. As of 8 p.m. September 20, Cerner will not be available as an active system. Incomplete documents and un-authenticated orders will put the organization at risk with regulatory agencies.
  • Remember, dictated documents will not be available for review by other practitioners until authenticated once we go live with Epic. This makes frequent attention to your inbox critically important for patient care.
  • Ensure all active orders in Cerner are transcribed into Epic by clinical staff in the command center at go-live. To minimize the amount of work required to transcribe those orders, please schedule time a day or two before go-live to review your patients’ active orders. For your patients who will remain in the hospital after go-live, please make every effort to close or cancel any orders that are not necessary for patient care.
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