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December 2013
From the Medical Staff Office
What a remarkable 12 months we are concluding in 2013. It is hard for me to believe an entire year just passed.

My sincere thanks to all of you for your help, cooperation and guidance during this time.

Looking back, some notable changes should be highlighted.

First, Dr. Bruce McDonald is transitioning to honorary medical staff member. My life is certainly much better because of his work over the past 25 years, but more importantly there will never be a physician leader with as significant an impact on this hospital community as Bruce. Fortunately for me, I still get to have lunch with him on a regular basis.

In the Department of Medicine, several superb physicians have retired or are retiring. Notably, Dr. Greg Hulcher, who is widely recognized for his warm and caring manner as well as superb clinical skills, is missed by many of our staff members as he was their physician.

Dr. Stuart Miller is in the process of retiring as well. Stu is known for his tireless commitment to his patients and is already missed by those of us on the inpatient side.

Dr. Adolfo Luciano also retired from the medical staff. Al was a critical part of the growth and development of our cardiac catheterization lab and I enjoyed caring for critically ill patients with him many times over the years.

In the Department of Surgery, Dr. Clive Robinson is retiring at the end of December. Clive came here at a time of great difficulty in the section of Cardiac Surgery and reinvigorated it.

In the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Ed Luchansky retired. Ed ran the Ob clinic and taught decades of residents how to care for patients with a kind and competent manner.

Thanks to all the members of the Bridgeport Hospital community for your help over the past years and particularly over this year as I stepped into my new role.

Buckle up. I think 2014 is going to be a wild ride!

Michael Ivy, MD Chief Medical Officer

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