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May 2014
ICD-10 update

Although the Senate voted to approve a bill that will delay the implementation of ICD-10 by at least a year, Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) will continue to move forward with ICD-10 implementation.

YNHHS is continuing to make the transition from the old ICD-9 coding system to the new ICD-10 system. A clinical “go-live” is planned for May 17, 2014 to allow providers and coders sufficient time to get acclimated to the new requirements. CPT coding and billing are not impacted by this conversion.

Education of providers on the new documentation requirements will be available in a number of formats, including:

    • Healthstream online modules: Mandatory one-hour training for all YNHHS-employed providers between April 1 and May 17. Further information will be sent to you directly if you are an employed physician.
    • In-person tutorials: Brief clinician-led tutorials for groups most impacted by ICD-10 to review key documentation changes for a given specialty; completed during time already dedicated to local group/departmental meetings.
    • Webinars: A series of specialty-specific webinars for providers in the community and in ambulatory practices will be conducted during early evening hours between April 15 and May 17 and will be accessible on the new ICD-10 portal for reference after they have aired.
    • Online portal: A new online portal will serve as a reference library for a variety of user-friendly specialtyspecific content and webinar access.
    • Discussion of Epic impact: Epic workflow will be minimally impacted by ICD-10 changes but some new Epic tools will be available to more easily assign new codes. We will distribute a link to a brief video that details what will change on May 17.

Our goal is to provide clinicians with the most streamlined, relevant education. We will continue to have resources available after May 17 for any questions that arise post our go-live date. If there are any questions about ICD-10 or upcoming training, please contact Mahfuz Hoq, MD, at

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