ead just a few of the many stories about how our robotic surgery team can help people get back to their lives.

Kim Bassett of Newtown admits, “It was so worthwhile to take a few weeks off to ‘fix’ something that had been sapping my emotional energy for 18 months.”

To everyone’s relief, Brian Jones’ surgeon had the expertise to get “it” out quickly—and Brian could get back to work, his family life and planning for the future.

Urologist Edward Paraiso, MD, one of the expert Bridgeport Hospital physicians who performs minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery, sits at the console of the da Vinci “S” Surgical System.

For many women, pelvic adhesions and complex pelvic masses can lead to chronic abdominal pain, tenderness and even infertility. But thanks to the advanced techniques of minimally invasive surgery (also referred to as laparoscopic surgery), surgeons can perform many operations through a few tiny openings.

Patients who undergo surgery using this new method usually experience less scarring and a faster return to their daily routines.

"The da Vinci "S" Surgical System allows surgeons to perform more complex procedures with greater dexterity than traditional open surgery or standard minimally invasive surgery," explains Bridgeport Hospital Chief of Urology Arthur Pinto, MD.