Community Benefits Report

Every year, as part of our vital mission, which focuses on patient care, teaching, research and community service, Bridgeport Hospital sponsors, develops and participates in a wide variety of community-based programs and services. During Fiscal Year 2013, Bridgeport Hospital provided $71.9 million in financial and in-kind contributions through the following wide-ranging programs:

Community Benefits Report Summary

BH provided free or discounted healthcare services to over 20,740 eligible people at a loss of $27.9 million, plus under-reimbursed services for 119,905 Medicaid beneficiaries at a loss of $33.1 million. BH also guarantees access to care by subsidizing clinical programs at a loss of $1.8 million.
BH provided $15.5 million to a variety of healthcare education programs that train individuals to become medical professionals, from physicians and nurses to pharmacists and dietitians.
BH provided over $600,000 to local health education programs, support groups, health fairs and various community organizations that help make Bridgeport a healthier place to live and work.
BH provided over $30,000 in financial and in-kind donations to support affordable housing programs, child care, job training, economic development and other essential services.
BH provided nearly $100,000 in funds and in-kind services to dozens of not-for-profit organizations unaffiliated with the hospital.